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and still see his face. leave it at that. thank you for watching. >>shepard: the news anew in box number, a show of strength from iran. the new missile? powerful enough to reach american allies in the middle east and parts of europe. in box two, the wisconsin district attorney would tried to strike up a relationship with the abuse victim in a case. did you hear about this? now another woman is coming forward and accusing him of harassment, a sexting d.a. case. she will join us. and box three, bill o'reilly and jon stewart, the interview is happening now. when it's over, papa bear comes to studio b unless breaking news changing everything. but first, new details from new york of america's longest war and the struggle of how to fight
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it from a brand new book by bob woodward called "obama's wars," and we have not read it because we don't have a copy but we have parts of it showing how the administration members have argued among themselves about afghanistan war and shows what is going on there as we commit tens of thousands more troops, american troops. in the book, he claims several important members of the president's team doubted the strategy can work. he writes about the afghanistan president karzai and his mental state which is precarious and says the c.i.a. is funding and controlling 3,000 secret man army of afghans conducting military operations in pakistan. and now live from the pentagon. the white house seems to be happy with this book. >> well, they are. it is interesting, i have a copy of the book here.
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i skimmed it and i have seen some of the quotes. they are accurate. and essentially the white house is happy because they are able to telegraph that president obama although he sent the 30,000 troops the surge, they can show before the midterm elections that, in fact, he was opposed all along to sending the troops. here is what he told the defense secretary gates and secretary of state hillary clinton on october 26, 2009. "i'm not doing ten years, i'm not doing long term nation building or spending $1 trillion, i have two years with the public on this and i want an exit strategy. i can't lose the whole democratic party." clearly there were politics involved in the decision. >>shepard: quotes from the generals and national security team are as controversial as some of those that got general mcchrystal fired. but those were behind the scenes trying to decide what a nation will do. the others were to a reporter.
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>>reporter: they were. but woodward was a reporter and he was doing the interviews and they knew they were being interviewed for the book and some of the things is said by the generals and some of his political advisers are incendiary including what general jones says about obama's political national security team calling them "the water bugs, the mafia," and we have general petraeus quotes talking about the senior political advisor calling him a "spin doctor," and he is quoted on a flight back to afghanistan saying that if the administration and he did not use a certain word "messing with the wrong guy." and the advisor asks the president if he can trust hillary clinton as secretary of state. a lot of tough words like the quotes that were attributed to
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mcchrystal. >>shepard: that was a fair question. and there are other tensions. all administrations have tensions and they talk things out. more are exposed in this book. >>reporter: and you look at the timing which is coming out at an intense political season. there are also revelations that will be difficult in terms of the war effort in afghanistan, things said about karzai, the president of afghanistan, the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan called him "manic depressive," and said he is either on the meds, off the meds, that will not go down well in the capital. >>shepard: delicate and weird. you look great. good to see you. more coming up.
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iranian military showing off the weapon in a parade marking the 30th anniversary of the start of the iran-iraq war and we are led to believe it is the longest range missile the country has ever developed. once launched it can reportedly travel more than 1,200 miles covering all of israel and every corner of the middle east, really, and even some parts of eastern europe. the fox report with more on this. how significant is the missile development? >>reporter: very significant. it shows iran is determined to push ahead with upgrading the missile capability. whether that is for the purposes of deterrence or preemptive attack is the question. but any question when striking range of those missiles is going to be concerned, indeed. i spoke to a well-known iran expert today and he said we should not always take iran's words for how good the missiles
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are. >> things are not as big and shiny as they appear but that is true of missiles in general and we will want to see them test the missile, real test, in the air, and we will watch this closely. and measure the capabilities. >>reporter: iran is clearly pushing ahead with an advanced missile program. that's the concern for the world. >>shepard: and a lot of people are questioning how long it will before they could put a nuclear warhead on this missile. >>reporter: this is the big issue. we have the two parts going on right now: the nuclear development and the missile development. at some point they come together. that's when they might be able to put a nuclear warhead on that missile. that's the game changer for everyone in the world but according to experts, they are at least a couple of years away from them getting any sort of nuclear weapons capability and according to jim, probably a
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decade before they can put a nuclear warhead on that kind of long-range missile so this is time for the world to act to do something to stop the programs. >>shepard: and there is a bomb attack in the northwest of iran. >>reporter: in the northwest of iran. the iranians and experts believe that this was the work of kurdish separatists who want their own state in that part of iran. it is not part of the ongoing power struggle. ahmadinejad is under pressure there for more conservative factions, if you can believe there are more conservative people in the iranian leadership. that's why he is here at the u.n. this week trying to show the people back home that he is a big deal. he is being helped in that according to a lot of experts by the tension we in the media are giving him all the interviews he has done and that makes him look like a strong man on the world stage. that, apparently, helps him back at home but he is certainly
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under a great deal of pressure right now. >>shepard: thank you. top stories on our website including appearance of papa bear. six months ago this week the president signed the new health care overall into law and tomorrow, some of the first new rules of the law go into effect. the white house says it wants even to know what the new rules are and today the president attended a discussion on health care reform, their name, in virginia. a venue for the president and supporters to promote the new regulations on health insurance. he said the changes are not about getting between patients and doctors. >> these are designed not to have government more involved in health care. they are designed to make sure you have basic protections in
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your interactions with the insurance company. >>shepard: the democrats in washington call the changes a patient bill of rights. and now, our reporter is here is up here in new york city. less then three weeks from the midterms. hard to believe. what is the pitch? >>guest: the president is trying to give it a personal feel with people who are benefiting from health care reform or feel they will benefit from health care reform. and a minute of candor from the president on the message. take a listen. >> sometimes i fault myself nor not having been able to make the case more clearly, to the country. we spend, each of us who have health insurance, spend $1,000 of our premiums on somebody else's care.
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>>guest: he said it was bankrupting families and businesses and the government. >>shepard: getting health care reform was a huge accomplishment for the president. but democrats are not running for re-election and largely, the democrats and the white house, completely lost control of the narrative on health care. it is a bad thing, not a good thing. >>guest: less than half the country thinks it was a good idea and the white house is trying to down play that saying in the districts they will run on the issues that are important to their voters but it has to be a disappointment when you consider how much time and energy and effort they did to make this law happen. >>shepard: they think people like it down the road. and the matter of rahm image, -- rahm emanuel, and he could be out by october. >>guest: in the coming weeks during the month of october, he
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has a huge job right now, as white house chief staff so the white house wants to make sure if he goes they have a backup plan and i hear the name of an insider, a guy well connected on capitol hill would be an interim chief of staff but in the coming weeks we will hear if he wants to go back to chicago. it sounds like he does. >>shepard: it is the first time the job has been available in longer than we have been alike of the especially me. >>guest: forever. >>shepard: a prominent wisconsin prosecutor facing harassment allegations from at least three different women all claiming the d.a. sent them sexually charged text messages and two of them were tied directly to his work at a prosecutor. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: a third woman accusing the wisconsin district attorney to initiate a sexual relationship after an associated press got a police report that shows the man, seen here, sent not one but 30 text messages in these days to a domestic abuse victim while prosecuting her ex-boyfriend. the victim reportedly told
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police she was afraid if she did not respond to the "advances," he would drop the charges against her ex-boyfriend. and the d.a. says the prosecutor feels bad about the case but that the other two women who recently came forward are just after money. one of the women is maria, who is joining us on the phone. thank you. >>guest: you are welcome. >>shepard: he says you are looking for money. >>guest: absolutely not. >>shepard: you are not taking money. you won't. >>guest: exactly. i won't. >>shepard: tell us the accusation. >>guest: i accuse lymph abusing his power. he was in charge of my case. but, also, law the process of the case i had to deal with the county. >>shepard: you were a law student. egging he sent me texting, i
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would like you between the sheets and then he would say, how can you fail me after the invitations? and yet again, have i done something wrong? and, then, a couple months later he would say now we need to meet in person. >>shepard: you have copies? >>guest: absolutely. >>shepard: how did you feel? >>guest: i was like, why me? why now? i have done so good, and at the moment i was devastated. this guy could have pulled his support off the table at any time. i didn't know how the process worked. what would he say if they called him? i was scared. and i was frustrated at the thought he could pull everything i worked for because i didn't please him. ship suspect he said he was sorry he sent the text but he did not mean harm. >>guest: i texted him after going back and forth with the
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family member about telling him i was ready for school, saying let's keep it professional, i have a boyfriend. the boyfriend part was a fib, but i wanted him to leave me alone. >>shepard: why did you wait until after the other scandal to come forward? >>guest: i didn't come forward with mine with advice, some said, come forward, and most said don't come forward. i didn't come forward because i was afraid if i rocked the boat i would be standing here today with me with financial debt and then i could not get a job in the public sector which is the number one hiring area and they have student loan forgiveness. >>shepard: we will follow the case. thank you for coming. >>guest: you are welcome. >>shepard: and now our legal
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analysts, former prosecutor, and criminal defense attorney both with us like today. they are not saying the texts aren't real, david, but he is just saying maybe it was misunderstood and he wish he didn't do it. >>guest: this is more than an undermining of public trust, in the criminal justice system but there is potentially a crime when you said sex messages to a victim in a case, that is usually a misdemeanor crime. also, there guy allege through revealed the intimate details in a murder case to another woman and what could that lead to? to the dismissal of murder charges in that case and that is huge. that would amount to the immediate disbarment of the prosecutor. this is far more than an ethical breach on his behalf. >>guest: good for you for anding the important questions
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of the woman of why she waited so long to come forward. that would be his attorney's main argument, if this was so true, if this is so accurate, if she is so offended and slow was not playing along with this, why didn't she come forward earlier? she has an answer now and whether that is accurate remains to be seen. if the charges play out, and they play out to be accurate at the least, he will wiped up having to step down. >>shepard: what are you going to do to please me between the sheets, if he did say that, is that improper? >>guest: if it is consensual ... >>shepard: if the prosecutor of the case, if he supposedly wrote "what are you going to please me between the sheets." is that a problem? >>guest: huge problem. if that is accurate. huge problem. if that is what happened, a huge
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problem. it may not be criminal but unethical. i forget what the ethics are, what number, but you are working with a client you are not, you are supposed to refrain from personal contact that would affect your judgment in that case especially when you are law enforcement officer. >>shepard: david, he could affect her applying for jobs in the future. >>guest: this is witness intimidation and that is a crime. no question. this guy engaged in conduct that i have never seen before in a prosecutor and it has to be dealt with seriously not just in the ethical state bar but in a criminal standard. he has to go. are you kidding me? >>guest: you always are creaming about -- screaming about overzealous prosecutors, i
3:20 pm
don't know if it is criminal. stay tuned.
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>>shepard: have you seen this police chase in south florida today? local media, here we go, thank you, local media reports this started when officers spotted a suspicious vehicle in an area they said was known for burglaries and they pursued. and the driver took off. there is the chopper watching. you can see him moving in and out of lanes and headed into oncoming traffic and then police did the spin around, a pit maneuver, and sent him into the spin, slow-motion, and into the white parked car and that will be a thing in a minute. look at this. watch. watch the smoke come out of the car. did you notice when he opened
3:24 pm
the door. why? our staffers thought he would be blazing. watch. what is he doing in the parked car in the middle of the road? that was just the airbag going off and police say, they were confused but the smoke was nothing. and at the same time, officers chased down one suspect who did not get far. watch the taser. boom. down you go. they arrested the other two people inside the car. the cops tazed one suspect. and like i said if you wonder about the guy in the smoky car cops yanked hip out, to the ground but did not take him to the custody. we did not know why they yanked him out. some cops were chasing, some just showed up, and everything is fine in broward county, florida, today. >> the state of virginia is ready to execute the first woman
3:25 pm
since 1912. a woman who confessed to giving six and money to two men she met waiting in line at the wal-mart so they with kill her husband and his son. the son was a reservist to be deployed overseas. she says she did it for the inheritance and life insurance money. she looks pleasant. there case is controversial because her i.q. of 72 suggests she is mentally challenged, at best. and trace, she has been, she is said to be executed but the two men convicted of committing the murders got life in prison. >>reporter: because one of the trigger american struck a deal with the prosecution for a life sentence so the judge gave a life sentence to the other trigger man but the same judge said, she was "the head of the situation and was a cold emotionless killer motivated by
3:26 pm
money." she watched her husband and stepson died and went through their pockets looking for money and did not call 9-1-1 for an hour. she was actually given two death sentences and an additional 53 years in prison. >>shepard: you can only kill her once. but the virginia governor and supreme court decided, no, we will not block this execution. >>reporter: the governor refused to get involved because he reviewed the case and found absolutely no compelling reason for him to grant clemency and the governor's office said that's it. that's the final decision. as for the supreme court? they also refused to block the execution but two of the three women on the supreme court, sonia sotomayor and ruth ginsburg voted to stop it, but the supreme court did not comment open the case. >>shepard: we are happy to report the iranians have weighed in on this. >>reporter: president ahmadinejad says the americans
3:27 pm
waged a heavy propaganda campaign to save the live of an iranian woman sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery but ahmadinejad says america never came out, failed for get involved with the outrage involved in this case. and ahmadinejad never mentioned the fact that a double murder case and an adultery case are vastly different. >>shepard: he did not remember that. good to see you, trace. thank you. we have more on the new book that is giving the behind the scenes look at how the president is handling the war in afghanistan. wednesday with juan and he will give us his take. stay tuned.
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3:31 pm
next week, bill will return the favor appearing on the daily show and the results are often entertaining, and with us is mr. bill oh -- o'reilly. >> good news, number one on book scan. thank you for supporting the book. >>shepard: the president is on the left. and you are this on the right. you are a patriot. >>guest: don't assume that. i have been a pinhead. the book is more complicated than that. but i wanted to do the high noon thing because the book is about what the president has done in office and how it affects everyone watching. directly. if your living room. on your front lawn. here is how it affects you. not theory or ideology, but here is what he has done. and how it affects you. >>guest: patriot is someone
3:32 pm
who --. ship he coined a new word, he coined pin-triot. >>guest: a pinhead does not think clearly. >>shepard: does a pinhead not put the country above themselves? >> most people are both. and the president can be both. what the president has done and the trouble he is in, that is not just economic but he has separated himself from the folks. jon and i go around and around about this. working class people who get up each among and go to work and come home and fill obligations they do not believe that president obama thinks the same as they do. he things in theory, not ideological way, he is far left guy, but not like, i want to
3:33 pm
impose marxism on the country. that is not what he is doing. what he is doing is imposing theory on the country and when it does not work he does not back away and you cannot do that. >>shepard: which theory? >>guest: the giant health care apparatus will lower health care costs. it's not. did you get your health care bill in the mail? >>shepard: one thing, the news corporation pays for it. i appear lucky. i count my lucky stars. >>guest: and people will not be hired because business know they have to pay more for health insurance. >>shepard: how is politics? >>guest: interesting. some people are wondering why i am in the doing this or another thing. i watch them all. >>shepard: i have been impressed. what do you thing of christine o'donnell? egging she will not come on -- >>guest: she will not come on the program.
3:34 pm
she is managed when an inch of her life. she has people in there putting her on friendly programs and she is 15 points down. she is given a 10 percent chance of winning by a columnist and i know delaware well. she got 33,000 votes. >>shepard: was it mostly outside money? >>guest: i don't know, in delaware, it is not easy but you can get 33,000 votes which is what she got. but to win the general election you need to triple that. >>shepard: can she win? >>guest: she can. this guy she is running against, the country is headed for bankruptcy and he is right on the train so if i am from delaware and i have to decide whether to vote for bewitched or the marxist, i have to decide. he is a marxist. >>shepard: i read that you called, a colleague called him
3:35 pm
that and he admitted it. >>guest: if you look at his background he is not a marxist, that is a joke. but he is as far left as they come. he is in the bill mauer crew. >>shepard: is she is as far right as he is left? >>guest: maybe but we are now moving to bankruptcy. you have to decide if you want to be on the bankruptcy train or derail it. >>shepard: i made it to the first page. >>guest: for you that is amazing. >>shepard: it is good. i can only do three big words at a time. my first page is the favorite, saying this is dedicated to madeleine and spencer, kid dozen not come any better, and i know they would love to see more of dad. why are you doing this? >>guest: i cut down the radio factor and cut down my radio
3:36 pm
factor, to spend time with them, which i do, and that annoys the hell out of them. everyone says this, but they really are special american kids. they are. >>shepard: they are. i have met them. we have shared a wall, our offices have shared a wall for 11 years and a lot has gone on in 11 years. do you sit back and go, i am the king. i have number one in the whole cable world and i am the done. >>guest: my father instilled in me i have to get up and go to work and do a good job. that is like a football teach winning a super ball, and then they get their butt kicked, i am not folding. i don't do that. >>shepard: if anyone can attest how hard you work it is
3:37 pm
me living next door. is there something you would like to do in television or outside of television have not yet done that you are looking forward to? >>guest: not really. i have been lucky. been to 75 countries, seen it all, i don't have a bucket list like that. when it stops being fun, i'll get out. >>shepard: it is still fun? >>guest: some days, but it is a war. i have to have security and armed guards, that is not fun. so we take it year by year. i am blessed. lucky. i think i make a contribution. i'm an honest guy. i tell you the truth as i see it. it has worked. >>shepard: i like having you next door and i can not predict what you are going to say every time. >>guest: i try to do right by the people and figure out the best thing for them. that's why i'm on the air to represent the folks. they know it. that is why we have been successful. >>shepard: another book, how many best sellers is there?
3:38 pm
>>guest: nine. nine best sellers. @=h
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3:42 pm
chief says yook yook is -- al qaeda is weaker but more complicated. >>reporter: the head of the country's help for appearizing threat information says al qaeda, like osama bin laden, are weakest from an organizational standpoint but the threat is more diverse. the al qaeda movement and the ideas has grown like a cancer with regional affiliates gaining strength. >> the range of al qaeda core affiliated and allies plotting against the homeland during the past year suggest the threat has grown far more complex and underscores the challenges of identifying and countering a more diverse array of threats. >>reporter: fox has seen a report by the justice department that shows 41 americans have been charged in terrorism cases since january of 2009 and the cases they have direct links to
3:43 pm
an international terrorist groups. so this is serious. >>shepard: do they say where the threat is concentrated? >>reporter: that is an excellent question. the answer is, if it is diffused, and there are two threat streams: americans who are here who become radicalized when the united states; and a second group who take a traditional route, traveling to the tribal areas of pakistan or yemen or somalia to be trained and come back and launch attacks in this country. if there are two phases to watch, they are americans. one is a man we have recorded on extensively in the last year, from alabama, a western face of this group, and on the right we have awlaki, the western face and an operational planner, for the al qaeda affiliate in yemen and they have gone global in operations. >>shepard: thank you. and now the book. not oh -- o'reilly's but the one
3:44 pm
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>>shepard: and now first more on the new book that the president's, on the president's administration, and how it is prosecuting the war in afghanistan. the name of the book is "obama's wars." covering the 20 months since president obama took office and the struggles over the war that have come during that time. as we prepare to start the 10th year of that war, and we send an additional 30,000 troops to the battleground we have what is scened as an inside look at the infighting over what should be done in afghanistan, what shouldn't be done in afghanistan, and what can be done in afghanistan. a lot of the book is about politics. for example, president obama is quoted as saying "i'm not doing 10 years. i'm not doing long-termination
3:48 pm
building. i'm not spending $1 trillion." i have two years with the public on this. i want an exit strategy. i can't lose the whole democratic party. of course, today is wednesday. that means when's with juan. the npr analyst juan williamss us. >>guest: think to johnson and vietnam, and you could see the members of the administration going at each other, and eisenhower, people are at each other's throats getting rid of generals and the like. here we have a situation that is interesting with the military versus military. we have chairman of the joint chiefs, for example, mullen, saying his deputy is going behind his back to get to the white house. that is very interesting, you thinking those guys are not open
3:49 pm
the same page. or you think about the idea you have a special envoy holbrooke arguing that the plan the president is putting out is in the working and the vice president biden saying this is the the egotistical bastard and then blair is arguing with rahm emanuel who saying you are telling us things just to cover your butt in case there is an act of terrorism in the united states. and blair is fighting with general brennan, the national security advisor, over that christmas bombing attempt. remember that? how this is put forth to the public and blair is not seen as a member of the team or if line with the obama administration. >>shepard: the swlows saying we are happy about the book and the president's detractors are going crazy over it. it is like the last administration when a similar book came out "inside story,"
3:50 pm
all of president bush's lovers and keepers and political people were saying, no, no, no, defending him and the people on the other side ... it is a broken political record every cycle. much acts like it is new again. this is old. >>guest: it is always positive ads, the military versus anyone else. in the book woodward said general petraeus cannot iceland axelrod and his job is to spin and general petraeus says he is a skip master. but with the diplomatic people at each other, and at the top of this pyramid, there is president obama and his bottom line is this, and this is in concert with the american people "we can't have endless wars in the country," and it does not have public support. obama talks about not losing the
3:51 pm
democratic party. he can't lose the american people. yeah. [ female announcer ] maxwell house gives you a rich, full-flavored cup of coffee, so you can be good to the last drop.
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corrupt we have chatting about health care and the president saying today it is already helping a lot of people, the reformals signed into law six months ago, and a lot of people saying i can't see it is helping but making it more expensive," as you would expect. >>shepard: our viewers joined us, and he has been chatting away with viewers and you are welcome to join in. again, you click on "on the hunt," icon.
3:55 pm
police in the state of michigan continue the senator for the missing c.e.o. of a struggling bank. deputies say the 62-year-old man, david widlak disappeared after going to work. a plans worker found his car abandoned in the parking lot, and his office was ransacked. his wife spoke with reporters yesterday. >> we are looking for public support to find dave. dave, if you hear this, please come home. please continue to assist law enforcement and try to help. we are deeply appreciative of your help. thank you for your concern. >> he does not seem to have personal financial problems at all but according to local media reports in the area the bank of which he is the c.e.o. lost nearly $13 million in the first six months of the year. a teen boy if california may think twice next time he wants to get intimate with his girlfriend. the girlfriend's father may think twice before he tries to stop them, as well.
3:56 pm
prosecutors outside of san francisco say the girlfriend's father, a police officer, showed up at the boy's home last month and he pretended to arrest the teen for having sex with his daughter. the boy's parents complained. now prosecutors are looking into this to see if the officer should be charged. the announcement for which the country has been waiting, american idol has crowned the new panel of judges. you will meet them.
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
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>>shepard: big changes for the next season of "american idol," after months of speculation we know officially the identities of the new judges. aerosmith front man and j lo', and ellen, and simon, each exited this show this year but randy jackson is still around. back to a three-judge panel and in january, on the big for network check your local listing. that is it for studio b on wednesday. wednesday. yes, thank you. the dow is down a bit, mostly down day. and the business team will know why. back tonight at 7:00 and 4:00 pacific time for the fox report. from the fair and balced

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